A Year and a Half and Championship Later…

Hello MLB Lovers!

I have been gone for a quick minute… Well, more like a year and a half! I think I’ve neglected this account enough (and I finally remembered my password!) and thought of it fitting to dust off the blog and type and little something.

As everyone knows, I’m a dedicated Giants fan!  Have been for most of my life (not all because, well, I did got through a Barbie phase and pink stuff stage…) and I have to say, it was AWESOME seeing the Black and Orange win that World Series!! I was STOKED but probably not as stoked as those who waited 50+ years for that moment!  I still get laughs when I look back at the “Expert Picks” for not just the World Series, but for the NLCS too! Although the championship moment was months ago and there are still traces of happiness and celebration, it’s time to look at this 2011 season, in hopes for a repeat.  Well for me, I would be perfectly content with a them winning the NL West.

Now, since their season started March 31, a lot of people (A LOT) have been upset that the Giants aren’t in first, with a season’s best record start and flawless pitching. It is ONLY like the 3rd week into the season, and it’s pretty hilarious to see all these people freak the hell out, call it a season and retreat back to where they came from.  Just because they’re World Champs, doesn’t mean they’re flawless and perfected the practice of baseball and winning.  Since they won’t end this post-championship season with a 162-0 record like EVERYONE thought they would, I think it would be better to continue to support them the same way we always have, even before they won the ‘ship. Just a thought.

On another note, props must be given when they are needed.  Rockies are totally playing awesome, with a 10-2 (about to be 11-2) record.  It may only be the start of the season, but this team is definitely looking to make some noise in not just the NL, but in the entire league.
I may be a Giants fan, but I respect the competing teams because they’re all trying to get to the same place in October and there’s no wrong in that.

I’m sure by now, everyone has heard about Bryan Stow and the incident at Dodgers Stadium.  My prayers, thoughts and well wishes go out to that man and his family.  Baseball was meant to bring good times and memories for friends and families, not a tragedy such as this.  However, I am very happy that he has waken up from his medically induced coma, and hopefully this is the beginning of a recovery process.  Rivalry between two teams should be left on the field and it is so tragic that two fans attacked another fan just because of his love for baseball.  I hope they catch the men who did this to Bryan Stow and that justice be served.

Here’s to a good season, healthy competition and exciting moments.  See you all at the park.

In This.

I haven’t blogged in like a bajillllllion years, but here’s a summary of what I’ve been up to: Stuck. In Fresno. Las Vegas. One week. Back in Fresno. HOTT.

Have you seen the commercials of “We’re In This,” the Giants promo for the 2nd half? Kinda cheesy and not reflecting the way they played this homestand. But hey, that commercial is pretty cool!
Now, today I watched game 3 of the Giants/Dodgers series… and WOW.  I haven’t seen a Giants game since last Friday, but the summary on the Dodgers series was.. interesting.  I only saw bits and pieces of the game today, but it looks like the Umps did a “great job” with this series.  Did the umps have like bets going on? OBVIOUSLY he was out, he was safe, Panda WAS hit (the ball was nowhere near the bat, thanks) and you can’t call someone out if you’re not evening looking at them. WOW.  Gotta say, I haven’t seen so many blown calls in a series, let alone in just one game.  I can feel the emotions running high during that game, even my roommate (who isn’t really into baseball like I am). SHE was into the game with me… I’m glad RIBEEE got redemption after that missed popup with that monster 2run HR that just sailed over Manny.  All in all, the Giants won and gained momentum and positive attitudes going into their Road Games.  Only 6.5 games back of the blue crew, and only .5 game back from the Rox in WC. I gotta say though, I’m hoping their pizazz comes back, along with the “ground attack,” big flies, SPLASH HITS, slow dribblers and THANGS.  About a month and a half left! I’m stoked. 
But more importantly, I’M IN THIS.
Are you?

All-Star Talk #1

The MLB All-Star game is about a month away, and it’s time for everyone to get to voting!  One player in particular has caught my eye, and it’s SF Giant right fielder, Randy Winn.  I think Winn has been underrated as a player in the outfield.  He is absolutely spectacular in that position, making unbelieveable catches (WITH style points) and is pretty much flawless out there! (I think he has a fielding % of 1.000)  The way he plays defense is just so impeccable, I can’t think of anyone who can play the way he does.  He’s my pick on my ballot for the All-Star game, as well as Aaron Rowand.  Rowand plays defense just as well, and lately his hitting in the leadoff spot is proven to be effective and hopefully his butt-kicking in that spot continues!  

I’m keeping this short due to today’s Laker/Magic game.

So, who are your picks for this year’s All-Star game?  Let’s hear it!

Showboating or Dedication?

I first would like to say I hope everyone had a great weekend and paid tribute to the most amazing person in the entire world: MOM. Hey, if she wiped your butt, cleaned up your spit-up, took care of you when you were sick, got you that GI Joe or Barbie or dirt bike or video game, put up with your crap…. she deserves more than a day… She deserves a lifetime and more. Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the MOMS out there, all over, 24/7, 365 (sometimes 366) until the end of time!!!

2200 comments.  That’s how many comments accumulated over the “Blake/Wilson” dramedy.  Dramedy because I wonder if anything will happen the next time they meet AND that this is deemed as “news.”  It really isn’t, but I just couldn’t help but write something about it.  I skimmed a few of the comments left on the situation and to summarize, let’s just say it was Dodger favored.  A lot of comments contained the words “suck” and “losers” but I would just like to remind everyone… BARELY in the second month of baseball.  BARELY.  Who knows what will happen in this long, hot season? Maybe the D’Backs will come from behind and kick the Giants and Dodgers outta the race for the top spot… who knows?  Also, a whollllllle lot of homosexuals references were made because they’re the San Francisco Giants.  JUST FYI to those people who made or will make those ridiculous comments (yes Dodger fans, most of those, if not all the comments came from you):  LA actually has a higher population of homosexuals than San Francisco.  So, I wouldn’t bag on “homosexuals” because ONE they are people too, just like you and me, and TWO that Dodger fan next to you?  Could be gay or lesbian or transexual.  So since Frisco is PROUDLY proclaimed as a safe haven for homosexuals, then LA is too. (Sorry, ignorant people really get to me, especially when they make “gay” remarks… It also bugs me when people use it as an insult).

Anyways, back to this thangg… I didn’t hear about Blake mocking Wilson until earlier this evening.  It happened to be one of the top stories on my homepage. Now to me, I always saw Wilson’s arm-crossing thing as a tribute to someone who has passed, and nothing else (I mean, honestly, what else could it be?)  Blake probably shouldn’t have done what he did, especially if it’s something as sensitive as a dedication to someone who has passed. (Also:  My mom thought it was funny Blake was wearing the pink Mother’s Day cuffs when he mocked Wilson… she hopes his mom doesn’t condone of that kind of behavior)   I’m really hoping he didn’t know that’s the reason for Wilson crossing his arms and pointing up. Or, maybe he does the same gesture in the dugout after a homerun? I don’t know. I just hope he wasn’t mocking Wilson’s tribute to his late father.  Some people are saying that Wilson’s sign after he gets a save is open to mockery because it’s out on the field and it’s “fair game.”  
Hmmm okay… does this mean that we can mock Ortiz when he hits a homerun and points to the sky  when he pays his tribute?  Or when a baseball player does the sign of the cross before he steps into the batter’s box?  How about when a baseball player get a double or triple and does the sign of the cross as he stands at the base safe?  Can we mock them too?  I hope not.  I’d like to think a majority of us are respectful to others when they show a religious sign, because it’s a blessing for them.  You can’t make fun of someone for thanking their God with a gesture.  Or for this matter, paying tribute to someone who made a difference in their life.  It’s not like we have baseball players out there wearing “I’m a Christian, follow me” or “I’m a Baptist, follow me” jersey. Some other people who commented on the situation also said, “Why doesn’t he do the cross-arms if he doesn’t get a save?”  I don’t know the answer to that, but why don’t baseball players do the sign of the cross when they strikeout or flyout?
Wilson’s simple gesture isn’t something as grand as say… when Sadler overly celebrated his striking out Manny thing last season.  Even I, as a Giants Fan, didn’t appreciate that dramatic gesture.  A lot of people are also saying Wilson should save his “religious tribute” for off the field.  Okay, but only if other baseball players who show THEIR religious tribute keep it off the field.  Fair, right?  Or we can be nice people and let them dedicate a positive moment to whomever they’d like and just move on.
Anyways, to end my “word regurgitation,” the situation (and the column I read) is either pretty useless and only written to fill up some media space or just added fire to this amazingly addictive rivalry… 
Sweet dreams Baseball World!

And Another One…

…and so, it was only a matter of time before another baseball player would be stamped with the pronounced * next to their name during this infamous “Steroids Era.”  And it’s none other than the famous Manny Ramirez.  Now, I’m obligated to dislike Manny, but he does have that noticeable talent that I just can’t forget about, and as a Giants fan, I feel like I should be shouting from the rooftops, saying “Karma is a you-know-what” to all the Dodger fans that milked the whole Bonds situation for everything it’s worth… But, I don’t think it’s right.  It just goes to show that ANYONE in this sport and other sports are capable of doing what they did.  With this whole Steroids Era, it was actually not a surprise to me that Manny was part of it.  I kind of wanna ask “Who ISN’T doing steroids?!” but there are actually a lot who aren’t.  Is it weird that coincidentally it’s all the BIG NAMES that are part of this scandal, or is it just me?  We need to take it back old school and players should play the way they were meant to, without all this steroid use and such. You know, like run a lot, pump some iron… then maybe they can be up on the ranks with the likes of Willie Mays or Babe Ruth. NATURAL TALENT people. That’s what makes your mark in the world.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this whole Manny thing.  I think fans (especially Dodger fans) were so focused on Barry as being the “King of Steroids Use” that they didn’t see the possibility of their own player being guilty of the same thing.  There was the Barry phase, the Giambi thing and now it’s Manny time. So Dodger fans, how does it feel? To know that the “star on the pedestal” is guilty of doing the same thing as Bonds? Sucks, doesn’t it?  Ah well… we got over it. You’ll be fine.
UPDATE:  So I hear it was a certain drug (which is banned in the MLB) that was part of a sexual/hormonal thing he had to take… Way to bring out a guy’s private life.

7th Inning Stretch

Only 3 more weeks.  School-wise, it’s the 7th inning stretch and I know that the next few weeks are just gonna creep by slowly… and the sooner the semester ends, the sooner I can get to the ballpark!!  However in Baseball World, we’re just getting started…

I watched the encore presentation of yesterday’s Giants/Padres game, and was just marveled at Bengie’s awesome hit in the 10th.  AMAZING!  Bengie always comes thru!  And the Giants “swept” the Dads (Yeah, it’s in quotes because… is it still a sweep if it’s just 2 games? It should be right?)  ALSO BIG PROPS to Renteria for hitting his first homerun of the season with the G’s AND for it being a GRAND SLAM! I haven’t seen one in a while, and that was just… GREAT!  Today is the off day for the guys, and I just realized that they’re skipping Sanchez, and going straight for Lincecum tomorrow… pretty cool, but kinda bummed it won’t be on Comcast 😦 2nd time I’ve missed his start due to broadcasting!  
ALSO BIG UPS to the pitchers!  You guys are on FIRE! Keep up the dazzling work! I love the strikeouts! =) Congrats to Randy Johnson for nearing win # 300 too!!  Speaking of fancy work… RANDY WINN=BEAST!  I smell a deserving nomination for the All-Star Game!!!
For Tuesday’s game, it was Filipino Heritage Night, and I missed it!  Of course, I wanted to go more than anyone, but I got out of work late, and even if I did try, driving from Fresno to Frisco is tiring… especially during rush hour. 
This weekend, the G’s take on the D’Backs and our arch nemesis, the Boys in Blue.  Sounds like an exciting set of games!!  Hopefully the G’s will carry the momentum of their 3 game winning streak with them, and crank out a few more!!
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Have a beautiful day!

Millions of Hearts

Heartbreaking.  One word, powerful.  A young, promising pitcher taken from the world.  Not JUST a pitcher… a member of the baseball family.  Millions from everywhere give their hearts and condolences to the Adenhart family, as well as the families of the friends that were killed in the tragic accident.  Forever in our hearts ❤

Nick Adenhart

Hellooooo April!

It’s almost here!  OPENING DAY!  I am sooooo excited for Tuesday!  The first pitch (which WILL be a strike), the starting line-up, the amazing announcers… I’m getting chills just thinking about it.  Unfortunately for me, I will be making my long-awaited trip home for Spring Break, to spend time with my family and will miss the first Giants game of the season.  Yes, yes, that’s what TiVo’s for, blah blah… but ONE my parents don’t have TiVo and TWO it just isn’t the same as watching it live 😦  HOWEVER I will get my butt on the couch to watch the First Night game!  I know, not the same, but it’s something…
I haven’t been keeping up with the latest spring training games (slap on the hand) but it’s been just one of those crazy months where professors decide to assign reports and give tests before AND after spring break.  I’ve also been preoccupied with the almost arrival of my nephew!  He’ll be coming reallllly soon, and I still need to buy him his first Giants onesie.  Props to UNC for beating Villanova, although I am reeling in the loss of Duke.. STILL.  Anyways, back to baseball… I’ve been hearing gooood things about the new ballparks in NY!  Can’t wait to see them!  Sure they’re uber costly, but I hear it’s totally worth it.
Also happening in a few days:  Grizzly Opening Day! I won’t be here for that either, but I am super stoked to attend the games! Future Giants in the making… It’s awesome to watch!

I know I’m probably rambling right now, but all the excitement of Spring Break, Opening Day and the arrival of a new family member has got me discombobulated.  To all fans of all teams… OPENING DAY IS NEAR!! Get your fantasy teams ready.

Thank You, Manny Ramirez

…For signing back with the foe.  We’re you avoiding Spring Training this whole time or something?  Of course, I’m just kidding (wellllll a tiny bit) but I do have to say that I’m kind of glad.  The Giants made a clean break after the whole Bonds thing, and I don’t think it would’ve been great to have such a “controversial” player on the team.. It would be like taking a step back.  Sure, he would’ve been a GREAT bat to have in the lineup, but to go through the “glitz and glamour and controversies” again… ehhhh, doesn’t sound too appetizing.  If Manny were to come to the Giants, would I have joined the crowd and cheered for him? Hard to say… a part of me says “yes” since he would be a Giant, but a part of me says “no” only for the mere fact that he was a Dodger.. and to me, that’s like… cheering for Jeff Kent (sort of). 

I would also like to say that I am STOKED that I’m the Featured Blog today… I actually just wanted to see if I had any comments, and when I came to the homepage of mlblogs.com, I saw my picture and at first thought, “Did I not log out?” Hahaha YES it’s cool to laugh at the shopaholic girly-girl who blogs when she can… But honestly, thanks for reading!

Only 33 more days until Opening Day! 😀

As I tell my co-workers when I leave work, “Keep it legit.  And have a nice day.” 

The Boys Are Back In Town

Well… Not really. They’re in Scottsdale, I suppose, gearing up & getting ready for the 2009 season, which begins in like… 34 days and a few hours.  The off-season has been an interesting one, I think.  Randy Johnson, an awesome vet with a mean fastball and crazy slider was signed to the Giants (yay!) as well as Bob Howry (who, I just learned the other day was originally drafted by the Giants back in 1994; so I think a welcome back is in order!) and Jeremy Affeldt who I think is an amazing addition to the relief team!  I’m totally stoked about Tim Lincecum getting the Cy Young award (aren’t we all?)… He absolutely deserved it! (And I can’t wait to get my MLB 2K9 for the 360!)  Another interesting thing about the off-season:  Manny Ramirez. I caught up on my readings about that whole thing, and (if I read it correctly) the Dodgers are still on the hunt, and the Giants are waiting patiently… Let me know what you think of that! I would love to hear everyone’s opinion, since I have yet to form one of my own.

Last month, I was able to make it to my first SF Giants FanFest… and my brother and I had a GREAT time! Originally planned, we were gonna take a dance workshop (shoutout to SRC! EXPLOSION!) with our cousins to have some bonding time and learn a groove or two, but the night before my brother dislocated his shoulder during his basketball game so he couldn’t really do much, (bummer).  I had a great time at Giants FanFest, but I think it should be organized better.  I was bummed it was only 10-3, and thought that maybe it should’ve been longer… like 9-6, but I understand that only exhaustion would ensue among the many fans there. 


I was extremely stoked about meeting Dave Righetti, Bob Howry and Nate Schierholtz! BUT the greatest moment (well, for me) was meeting Kevin Frandsen! He was so sweet and when I mentioned to him and Nate that I first saw them as Fresno Grizzlies a few years back, they were glad I followed them up to the Majors. My face hurt after I got their autographs and took pictures… A moment I will cherish forever!  Unfortunately, we missed Tim Lincecum but we will have other opportunities!

And so, only a month and few days remain until Opening Day of the 2009 season… Will the Tampa Bay Rays redeem themselves this season? Will the new NY Citi Field stadium live up to its $850 million price tag? (I hope so!) And what team will be the next Yankees or Red Sox? I’m excited for the first day… and I know you are too. 🙂